Our Story

Here is the quick story of how all of this began…

This was a recipe created by Diane Hoover and my father Ken Hoover. After Diane (his wife) passed, this was just a mix that was made for Sunday’s and family parties. We decided to try and create a label and then bottle it as a surprise for him. We were wanting to get it into local restaurants, friends and family’s homes. 1 week before we had the bottle completed, he died. This was devastating for us. After his death we all kind of went our own ways in life and the idea of the bottling the Bloody Mary Mix became a pastime hobby. 

I had a vision and then followed through with it. I thought if I could get this whole thing going it would bring all the brothers back together and create a family business. After a long struggle we are now all involved and dedicated to making this the family business. I feel that this was left for us by him so that we can all remain close.

We work extremely hard on creating a uniquely tasting Bloody Mary along with our other products. 

This is the quick version of how this started, minus all the blood, sweat and tears. That being said, What’s your Blood Type? Mild, Medium or Hot

About Us

Our Mission

All we want to do is share what our family has created with everyone. This is the first drink mix that is used for many different applications. We are very proud of our mix and have worked very hard to make sure that every ingredient is the finest of its kind. You'll be able to tell as soon as you taste our products.

Committed To Quality

Here at Blood Brothers, we have hand-crafted a unique “One Stop Shop” Mix" so that the only thing you need to add is your beverage of choice. We feel that you should not have to go on a "scavenger hunt" just to make a bland mix taste better. 
Created by using only the finest ingredients Blood Brothers Blood Shot Mix   is a stand-alone mix. In fact, it is so flavorful that it doubles as a quality marinade ~ and it's bloody good!
We searched all over the world for the perfect pepper to give our Blood Brothers Blood Shot Mix a standalone, unique flavor. Finding the mother of all peppers, combined with our signature, robust spice blend, we ensure every ingredient we use is fresh and proportionately balanced resulting in your palette's experience of perfection in a glass. 
We are happy to share our family recipe with the world. What's your blood type?